thoughts at thorncrag

Very close to campus, maybe an eight or nine minute drive away, we are lucky enough to have Thorncrag bird sanctuary. Thorncrag is a 357 acre wildlife preserve, with tons of trails welcoming to walking, running, picnicing and all sorts of other lovely things.

As my class doesn’t meet on Fridays, looking for something to do, three of my friends and I drove over and walked some trails. You feel like you’re miles away from Lewiston and any urban-like center. I felt like I was back home, walking through the town forest on a warm (but blustery!) afternoon. We didn’t stick around for long (BUGS. BUGS. BUGS.) but it was such a nice, albiet short escape from campuscampuscampus.

I’m still so perplexed by how short term, with all this free time, is leaving me feeling like I’m going a million miles a minute. Regardless, I’m loving each of those fast paced minutes, and savoring them as much as I can. Bring on short term: week 2!

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