Short term has arrived. And there’s this strange disconnect– seemingly I have more time (less class, less commitments) and yet the only way I can describe my life right now is a WHIRLWIND. That being said, I’m having the most fun I’ve had yet at Bates…but I’m always BUSY, always doing something. Lying at the amphitheater, lounging on Parker porch, going to see movies, walking to Dairy Joy… the list goes on and on.

But I’m actually totally in love with my class. Tintin et les Intellos is a French class, that meets in the mornings with Professor Kirk Read. I want to be in that class every day, all day. Taught completely in French, we get to read Tintin books and discuss what is a comic? What is art? We get to see the intense amounts of research Herge put into Tintin when he wrote it. He wrote about a moon landing twenty years before it happened! The science is right, the politics are right, the Tintin is perfect. It’s extremely interesting and I’m very happy to be spending my time learning about it. And, now I have a small collection of my own Tintin books- in original french!

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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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