Happily Home

Something so undeniably comforting about sleeping in your own bed. Especially after a stressful week of exams, sickness, stress… This is what I needed. Sitting around yesterday on campus soaking in the beautiful 67 degree day  from various locations gave me both a ridiculous sunburn (with a very clear mark of where my wayfarers sit on my face, too…great) and this kind of clear feeling of promise, of the things to come? SHORT TERM. It’s there, it’s just the next step now. All the wonderful things I’ve heard about “the best part of Bates college” are about to be revealed to me.

Still, I was worn out, I was craving my house, my family, my DOG…and when I finally ended up getting home a little after 9 pm, all I could muster was eating thai leftovers and playing sporcle with my family (a quiz game website that I first heard about from my psych professor, but was warned to never go there. I first actually PLAYED it though, the week of Closer tech rehearsals where backstage, we found ourselves AGONIZING over “how do you spell AZERBAIJAN!?!?”)

Now I’m home. This week I’ll just be recharging, trying to get healthy before going back to school. Anyways, being “not-at-bates” sometimes weirds me out… I forget that things are kind of different.


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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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