One Down, One to go

Finals finals finals.
My head is going to explode, for one of two reasons. a) Finals week. Rereviewing the entire semester for exams to make sure my grade in the end reflects the time and effort put in all semester. b) Sick… again! Fever sore throat runny nose– anyone on the first floor of the library for the past week can probably identify me as “that sad drowsy looking girl with a mean cough”. Still, my finals week is totally easy-only two exams, no papers even. So at least I don’t have a bear of a week to deal with in this sickness. But seriously, though, either psych disorders or sinus pressure WILL cause the explosion of my head in the next 24 hours.

In 48, though, I’ll be home for spring break ! Wheee!


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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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