Even More Election Perfection

As the semester ends, (last class was Friday- first exam is Wednesday!) more student organizations are getting mobilized for their leadership for next year. This brings me to perhaps my, and definitely many other Batesies’ favorite: the Bates Outing Club.

Before arriving at Bates I wasn’t exactly the outdoorsy type, however after coming back from AESOP I was totally energized to take advantage of the opportunities, gear, and enthousiasm for the outdoors with the BOC.

Each week, the outing club meets at 6h30 in the basement of Alumni gym to discuss trips, gear proposals, tell stories– I love the poeple, I love the atmosphere, I love the constancy. Generally, only the top officers or people who have something to bring up at a given meeting like gear or announce a trip they want to lead end up going to the meetings, however, I proudly can say that I’ve attended every single BOC meeting except two this entire year. And it just so happens those two meetings have been the election meetings. And that both times have been because I’ve physically been performing in a play during the hours of the meeting.

Last semester, my absence from the election doomed me: I didn’t get elected to work in the E-room as I had pined and hoped to. I was rather upset, but didn’t think it was the end of the world. I kept going to meetings, gradually becoming more and more comfortable among the group. Well, word of elections came up and I was horrified to find that yet again, they fell on the exact night of a Closer performance. SERIOUSLY?! What luck.

However, this time things were different, which makes me smile. I got an email last night informing me that I had in fact been elected to the E-room next semester (YAY!) and during elections, my name came up and was apparently greatly endorsed by the friends that I had made in BOC.

Anyways, knowing that I have a position is such a cool feeling– hopefully it will give me a little bit of the push that I need to ACTUALLY start studying for my finals.


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