Commitment to Closer

I’ve been stressed, I’ve been almost dying, I hadn’t seen my friends in a week… All because of my complete and utter devotion to the final project for my Advanced Voice and Speech (theater 364) class. For the class, we essentially just put on a full production. 12 students, three casts. We performed Closer.

The play, which had been made into a movie with Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, and Jude Law, was an extraordinarily smart and true and amazing story and script. There was something so real permeating each of the 12 scenes in the two act play, it was impossible to not be drawn in.

The students in the class not only performed the play, they also had to run lights, sounds, and set changes for each of the other performances. This meant a HUGE time commitment, as if we were all in three shows at once, scheduling rehearsals that conflicted with everyone’s different schedules, etc etc.

But tonight, the last performance, my performance actually…it was all worth it.  I played Alice Ayres, a waif/stripper/waitress/all around street smart tough gal, and it was one of my more challenging roles I’d ever had. I knew two other girls in my class were doing the same role, however, I felt like I was feverishly trying to scrape together a character who could do all the things I needed to do- scream, love, kiss, smoke a LOT, leave and play a stripper in a pink wig. And even though I was nervous up until the show, it all just came together in the end.

I ended the show feeling proud, feeling great about the show me and my three classmates had put on (with the help of everyone else, of course). My mom came up, which was wonderful, because I hadn’t seen her in months! I felt so encouraged by the fact that the entire first row practically was filled with my friends– I love that so many people come out and support their friends in performances, even the week before finals (crunch time!).

It was a HUGE commitment, and while i’ll be glad to be spending time with my friends again, I do certainly appreciate the experience a lot… I met great people in such a small class, that I know I will remain friends with well past the end of this semester.  And to be truthful, playing such a character as Alice Ayres…it felt kind of empowering.


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