Spectacularly Spring

Happy April. It is undoubtedly spring at Bates (finally) and I’ve been able to spend time outside and the snow is all gone and this weekend the puddle (our proud and majestic lake andrews) the permafrost that had covered the the surface since… nearly december had finally completely melted. The ducks came back! Sure fire signs of good things to come.

While there’s been a few rainy days, I’m simply taking it as “April Showers” which, by folk lore and the rhymes engrained from my childhood obviously bring May flowers, and then… pilgrims? My third grade teacher loved adding that on. My only hope is that April showers will bring short term — it’s so close! This week is the last week of classes and then there’s finals and then spring break and ahh! I’m getting ahead of myself. I can’t even believe that this semester is actually almost over. I hardly believe that I’m actually in college at all, let alone nearing the end of my freshman year.

Lately, in the lazy hours where we “swear to GOD it’s at least 50 degrees out” we wear  sandals and lounge on blankets at the amphitheater, pretending that we’re not cold. Its all relative, anyways, right? Eventually, though, we do realize its too windy and give up, although this past week the hours have definitely added up. The amphitheater actually has plugs hidden in the rocks (when my friends are suprised by this I respond snidely with “did you even TOUR bates before you came here?!”). My brother happened to be on skype this past thursday while I was sitting on the rocks working on an essay. He’s abroad this semester studying in Italy and I hadn’t spoken to him in weeks– obviously I had to call him.

I can only imagine what a ridiculous sight it was for those walking by: girl in sandals even though it’s muddy and cold, lying down sprawled across the rocks peering at my computer screen, wearing headphones and goofy sunglasses and discussing the goings on in Tuscany. I mean, I would probably have walked the other way– fast– if I saw that.

In any case, it’s obvious spring is settling in. I’m so glad. March was rough- I truly resent that month for existing because all it does is act as an awkward buffer between seasons and I feel like that transitionary attitude permeated every aspect of my life all month long. But we’re moving on. Welcoming the spring.

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