Glamorous Gala

One of the pluses of going to a small liberal arts school is the fact that social gatherings can be open to everyone– and actually be attended by everyone. This past weekend, the All-College Gala was held and it was most certainly an all-college affair. First years, upperclassmen, deans, professors, the president– everyone made an appearance at this year’s Motown themed event.

This is Bates’ big formal affair, and while at first I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was completely wonderful and I had an amazing time. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to get ready for a fancy event– my girlfriends and I spent a good two hours holed up in the largest first year double on campus primping and prepping and making ourselves up and taking photos. It was like so many times in high school but for some reason I felt all the more adult– I wasn’t going to a semi-formal in my town hall like my high school dances, I was going to socialize with my peers and the entire Bates community.

I felt really pretty and really classy and, although the walk across campus to Gala in my high heels was harrowing, walking into the completely transformed Grey Cage opened my eyes in awe. The food was amazing and the bands were fantastic. The huge dance floor hosted students taking a break from the kinds of dancing usually found at dances and instead turned towards more classy and more fun traditional dance steps that perhaps our parents would be proud of us for knowing.

While the weeks from here on out get harder until spring break, Gala was a refreshing and wonderful weekend event that Bates offers.

ps. Congrats to newly admitted students!!

Myself, Anna & Kit before Gala

Myself, Anna & Kit before Gala


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