Short term has arrived. And there’s this strange disconnect– seemingly I have more time (less class, less commitments) and yet the only way I can describe my life right now is a WHIRLWIND. That being said, I’m having the most fun I’ve had yet at Bates…but I’m always BUSY, always doing something. Lying at the amphitheater, lounging on Parker porch, going to see movies, walking to Dairy Joy… the list goes on and on.

But I’m actually totally in love with my class. Tintin et les Intellos is a French class, that meets in the mornings with Professor Kirk Read. I want to be in that class every day, all day. Taught completely in French, we get to read Tintin books and discuss what is a comic? What is art? We get to see the intense amounts of research Herge put into Tintin when he wrote it. He wrote about a moon landing twenty years before it happened! The science is right, the politics are right, the Tintin is perfect. It’s extremely interesting and I’m very happy to be spending my time learning about it. And, now I have a small collection of my own Tintin books- in original french!


Happily Home

Something so undeniably comforting about sleeping in your own bed. Especially after a stressful week of exams, sickness, stress… This is what I needed. Sitting around yesterday on campus soaking in the beautiful 67 degree day  from various locations gave me both a ridiculous sunburn (with a very clear mark of where my wayfarers sit on my face, too…great) and this kind of clear feeling of promise, of the things to come? SHORT TERM. It’s there, it’s just the next step now. All the wonderful things I’ve heard about “the best part of Bates college” are about to be revealed to me.

Still, I was worn out, I was craving my house, my family, my DOG…and when I finally ended up getting home a little after 9 pm, all I could muster was eating thai leftovers and playing sporcle with my family (a quiz game website that I first heard about from my psych professor, but was warned to never go there. I first actually PLAYED it though, the week of Closer tech rehearsals where backstage, we found ourselves AGONIZING over “how do you spell AZERBAIJAN!?!?”)

Now I’m home. This week I’ll just be recharging, trying to get healthy before going back to school. Anyways, being “not-at-bates” sometimes weirds me out… I forget that things are kind of different.

One Down, One to go

Finals finals finals.
My head is going to explode, for one of two reasons. a) Finals week. Rereviewing the entire semester for exams to make sure my grade in the end reflects the time and effort put in all semester. b) Sick… again! Fever sore throat runny nose– anyone on the first floor of the library for the past week can probably identify me as “that sad drowsy looking girl with a mean cough”. Still, my finals week is totally easy-only two exams, no papers even. So at least I don’t have a bear of a week to deal with in this sickness. But seriously, though, either psych disorders or sinus pressure WILL cause the explosion of my head in the next 24 hours.

In 48, though, I’ll be home for spring break ! Wheee!

Even More Election Perfection

As the semester ends, (last class was Friday- first exam is Wednesday!) more student organizations are getting mobilized for their leadership for next year. This brings me to perhaps my, and definitely many other Batesies’ favorite: the Bates Outing Club.

Before arriving at Bates I wasn’t exactly the outdoorsy type, however after coming back from AESOP I was totally energized to take advantage of the opportunities, gear, and enthousiasm for the outdoors with the BOC.

Each week, the outing club meets at 6h30 in the basement of Alumni gym to discuss trips, gear proposals, tell stories– I love the poeple, I love the atmosphere, I love the constancy. Generally, only the top officers or people who have something to bring up at a given meeting like gear or announce a trip they want to lead end up going to the meetings, however, I proudly can say that I’ve attended every single BOC meeting except two this entire year. And it just so happens those two meetings have been the election meetings. And that both times have been because I’ve physically been performing in a play during the hours of the meeting.

Last semester, my absence from the election doomed me: I didn’t get elected to work in the E-room as I had pined and hoped to. I was rather upset, but didn’t think it was the end of the world. I kept going to meetings, gradually becoming more and more comfortable among the group. Well, word of elections came up and I was horrified to find that yet again, they fell on the exact night of a Closer performance. SERIOUSLY?! What luck.

However, this time things were different, which makes me smile. I got an email last night informing me that I had in fact been elected to the E-room next semester (YAY!) and during elections, my name came up and was apparently greatly endorsed by the friends that I had made in BOC.

Anyways, knowing that I have a position is such a cool feeling– hopefully it will give me a little bit of the push that I need to ACTUALLY start studying for my finals.

Commitment to Closer

I’ve been stressed, I’ve been almost dying, I hadn’t seen my friends in a week… All because of my complete and utter devotion to the final project for my Advanced Voice and Speech (theater 364) class. For the class, we essentially just put on a full production. 12 students, three casts. We performed Closer.

The play, which had been made into a movie with Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, and Jude Law, was an extraordinarily smart and true and amazing story and script. There was something so real permeating each of the 12 scenes in the two act play, it was impossible to not be drawn in.

The students in the class not only performed the play, they also had to run lights, sounds, and set changes for each of the other performances. This meant a HUGE time commitment, as if we were all in three shows at once, scheduling rehearsals that conflicted with everyone’s different schedules, etc etc.

But tonight, the last performance, my performance actually…it was all worth it.  I played Alice Ayres, a waif/stripper/waitress/all around street smart tough gal, and it was one of my more challenging roles I’d ever had. I knew two other girls in my class were doing the same role, however, I felt like I was feverishly trying to scrape together a character who could do all the things I needed to do- scream, love, kiss, smoke a LOT, leave and play a stripper in a pink wig. And even though I was nervous up until the show, it all just came together in the end.

I ended the show feeling proud, feeling great about the show me and my three classmates had put on (with the help of everyone else, of course). My mom came up, which was wonderful, because I hadn’t seen her in months! I felt so encouraged by the fact that the entire first row practically was filled with my friends– I love that so many people come out and support their friends in performances, even the week before finals (crunch time!).

It was a HUGE commitment, and while i’ll be glad to be spending time with my friends again, I do certainly appreciate the experience a lot… I met great people in such a small class, that I know I will remain friends with well past the end of this semester.  And to be truthful, playing such a character as Alice Ayres…it felt kind of empowering.

Spectacularly Spring

Happy April. It is undoubtedly spring at Bates (finally) and I’ve been able to spend time outside and the snow is all gone and this weekend the puddle (our proud and majestic lake andrews) the permafrost that had covered the the surface since… nearly december had finally completely melted. The ducks came back! Sure fire signs of good things to come.

While there’s been a few rainy days, I’m simply taking it as “April Showers” which, by folk lore and the rhymes engrained from my childhood obviously bring May flowers, and then… pilgrims? My third grade teacher loved adding that on. My only hope is that April showers will bring short term — it’s so close! This week is the last week of classes and then there’s finals and then spring break and ahh! I’m getting ahead of myself. I can’t even believe that this semester is actually almost over. I hardly believe that I’m actually in college at all, let alone nearing the end of my freshman year.

Lately, in the lazy hours where we “swear to GOD it’s at least 50 degrees out” we wear  sandals and lounge on blankets at the amphitheater, pretending that we’re not cold. Its all relative, anyways, right? Eventually, though, we do realize its too windy and give up, although this past week the hours have definitely added up. The amphitheater actually has plugs hidden in the rocks (when my friends are suprised by this I respond snidely with “did you even TOUR bates before you came here?!”). My brother happened to be on skype this past thursday while I was sitting on the rocks working on an essay. He’s abroad this semester studying in Italy and I hadn’t spoken to him in weeks– obviously I had to call him.

I can only imagine what a ridiculous sight it was for those walking by: girl in sandals even though it’s muddy and cold, lying down sprawled across the rocks peering at my computer screen, wearing headphones and goofy sunglasses and discussing the goings on in Tuscany. I mean, I would probably have walked the other way– fast– if I saw that.

In any case, it’s obvious spring is settling in. I’m so glad. March was rough- I truly resent that month for existing because all it does is act as an awkward buffer between seasons and I feel like that transitionary attitude permeated every aspect of my life all month long. But we’re moving on. Welcoming the spring.

Glamorous Gala

One of the pluses of going to a small liberal arts school is the fact that social gatherings can be open to everyone– and actually be attended by everyone. This past weekend, the All-College Gala was held and it was most certainly an all-college affair. First years, upperclassmen, deans, professors, the president– everyone made an appearance at this year’s Motown themed event.

This is Bates’ big formal affair, and while at first I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was completely wonderful and I had an amazing time. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to get ready for a fancy event– my girlfriends and I spent a good two hours holed up in the largest first year double on campus primping and prepping and making ourselves up and taking photos. It was like so many times in high school but for some reason I felt all the more adult– I wasn’t going to a semi-formal in my town hall like my high school dances, I was going to socialize with my peers and the entire Bates community.

I felt really pretty and really classy and, although the walk across campus to Gala in my high heels was harrowing, walking into the completely transformed Grey Cage opened my eyes in awe. The food was amazing and the bands were fantastic. The huge dance floor hosted students taking a break from the kinds of dancing usually found at dances and instead turned towards more classy and more fun traditional dance steps that perhaps our parents would be proud of us for knowing.

While the weeks from here on out get harder until spring break, Gala was a refreshing and wonderful weekend event that Bates offers.

ps. Congrats to newly admitted students!!

Myself, Anna & Kit before Gala

Myself, Anna & Kit before Gala