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I love Wednesdays. Sure, it’s a very easy day to hate– middle of the week, no sign of the weekend yet, lots of classes– but I have to say that each Wednesday i’ve had this semester hasn’t been all that bad.

I have my weekly radio show from 8-10 am on Wednesdays at Bates’ radio station, WRBC 91.5 FM. I love the radio, like I cannot express into words how great a feeling it is to be… completely in control of airwaves that people actually listen to. For example… I would never DARE take an 8 am class. 9h30’s I’m a huge fan of, but I will say that I can’t fathom being coherent and in a learning kind of mood that early.

Since the third week I was at Bates, once a week my dear friend (we met on AESOP !)  and Co-dj Hannah and I convene at Commons at the frighteningly bright and often cold hour of 7h30 to grab coffee and cereal before heading over to Frye street, where the radio station broadcasts from the basement of the Office of Career Services.

The WRBC itself is totally wonderful — I couldn’t say enough good things if I tried. But this specifically is for me to say this: I cannot start a day any better than doing a radio show. Sure, it’s two hours at a time that for many college students is unimaginable, but between station ID’s and PSAs Hannah and I catch up what we’ve missed from the week, we dissect new music found on the New rack at the station, we laugh and dance and scream songs so loud that we swear we wake up all of frye street.

After a super fun show this morning that included approximately three inappropriate dance parties, we came out into the morning and the day. It was warm, the snow was melting– I knew that today was going to be great.

WRBC streams live 24/7 — check it out! if you’re ever awake Wednesdays from 8-10 give a listen for Hannah and Nora !

Our first radio show-- what nerds!

Our first radio show-- what nerds!


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