Last night the Bates community was faced with, well, a dis-dilemma. Two events were being put on : 2/3 of the band Dispatch were performing, put on by the Chase Hall Committee, and then there was Discharge.

Discharge was created by the WRBC, Bates Musicians Union, and Bates Public Arts Committee as not a concert, but “an audiovisual exhibition of what can only be called performance art because it will synthesize music, images, and bodies into a psychedelic experience.” Don’t let that frighten you; there was music and people dancing and laughing and screaming and strobe lights and bodies and all that.

Three stations set up in corners of the room worked the music from different performers (all Batesies, of course) into each other, rotating and adding and forming cohesive beats and melodies for the hundreds of people who were packed in the Silo, dancing as hard as they could.

I literally had the most fun I’ve had in months. And it was ALL done by Bates students– they organized impeccably, they performed exceptionally, they populated the dance floor with enthousiasm and vigor, AND it was free.

I danced for three and a half hours straight and while my body aches today, I am so pleased about what a totally epic night it was. Moral of the story: Batesies like to dance.


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