Getting out, getting going

This past weekend I had the oppurtunity to do something I’d rarely taken advantage of. I’ll start off my saying that the past two Saturdays have been so beautiful it makes me want to do nothing but bask all day on the porch of Parker hall with my friends, looking out to the quad, which, while still snowcovered, is showing the signs of spring.

Instead of sticking around this week, two of my friends and I decided to GO. After a deliriously happy saturday trek to Commons and a walk around campus in dodging puddles, mud and ice while wearing only light sweaters, we got ourselves oranganized and set off for Portland. Two friends were taking a car in, so we caught our way in thus.

The weather was perfect for driving- sunny, mid 40s, clear– a totally great feeling of hope just overwhelmed us all as we drove down 95.

Once we got there we ate delicious food, shopped around a bit, just took in the whole atmosphere. Portland is a great city. It’s not inapproachably large, but there’s definitely a city vibe. I wish I got out there more– I actually hadn’t been since the very first weekend I was officially a college student, where two cars full of girls invaded the city high off of the freedom

of college and got all the piercings their parents had told them they couldn’t get. (i got my tragus).

We were back on campus by eightish… and while i was exhausted by the end, it made my weekend one of the best I’d had in a long time.

Me and my friend Kit posing with street art

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