In sickness and in health

I don’t get sick. In general. I just tend to be a very healthy person. However, this week, I finally succumbed to a virus that’s been circulating amongst my friends as the season of sickness and colds draws to a close. Early in the week, I began to lose my voice– which, as my friends will tell you, is my most important tool or at least something I use CONSTANTLY. As my nose ran and my limbs ached with a fever, I realized I actually had to acknowledge the fact that yes, I was sick.

I managed to only miss one class, a class in which my professor was sick with the same cough too, anyways! So it was finally time for me to go to the health center… for the first time. I’ve been at Bates for over 6 months and have never needed anything from them before. I was nervous, awkward, coughing, and carrying two giant packages I’d just picked up when I hobbled in. Immediately the friendly staff of the health center swept me up and when I left a half an hour later I felt refreshed, reassured and already on the road to recovery, knowing that I didn’t have Strep throat and that I was actually on the tail end of the viral assault.

So, yes… being sick is no fun, but as it is a part of life we can’t ignore, good thing the health center loves me and my teachers understand. !


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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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