This week, the student theater organization, The Robinson Players, held their elections for next year’s board. Theater is one of my favorite extra curriculars here at Bates, and I seriously look forward to the monthly club meetings– purely because of the dynamite personalities all put into one room and allowed to interact (and usually explode) over logistics and theatrical choice and preference. By these standards, I was so ready for an extra exciting, tense and truly fun to watch meeting to elect the board members for the 2009-2010 year.

After a hilarious, conflict filled, dramatic and sensationalist hour and a half, we reached decisions and — hooray! — I was elected to my first official position at Bates college!! It’s awesome that, even as a first year, I’ve gotten involved enough in only a semester and a half to be elected as the “Outreach Coordinator” for the Rob Players next year. For me and my theatrical partner in crime, Michelle, the elections were simply the next step in our secret planned trajectory to take over the theater department by senior year. She’ll be kicking butt and taking names as the technical director next year, world domination the year after?

It may be the inevitable middle month of March – between breaks and seasons and always full of work, but at least there are rewards aplenty!


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