Back to school, Bates style

It’s February. So, of course, being New England weather, we still expect winter type occurances. Most everyone is back on campus now, after the week long break, but due to the impending and continuous blizzard we are experiencing at the moment, the actual “getting here” has been… difficult? creative? certainly something full of fun little complexities not lacking in Bates spirit.

For me, my original plan was that my mother was supposed to drive me up Sunday morning. I’m from Massachusetts, so she’d drive up the two and a half hours and then drive home, no problem. Towards the end of the week, however, my weather-aware (read: obsessed) father cautioned her and scared her to such a degree that she refused to drive me. Well, cool. How to get to school?

There were three friends taking a bus from South Station in Boston directly to Lewiston– but I hate buses. Buses scare me. Especially lumbering up 95 in a downright blizzard? No thank you.

And then there was my friend from New Jersey who was travelling up in her car, picking up two New York girls and a friend from Westport, CT. There was a spot in the car. They would have to pass by Boston on the way up, right? It just makes geographical sense to pick me up! So my ride was worked out. And after pushing and shoving and stressing and texting we FINALLY got ourselves together and made the ride up absolutely wonderful. Being in a cozy car driving back to the place we’d all been missing the past week, among good friends, Dane Cook and Britney Spears CDs, and girl scout cookies seemed to be the perfect way to get back in the Bates spirit. Back to Bates by 6h20, all in a good day’s work.


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