My first scary job interview

Being at home for five days has done very little for me except allowed me to catch up on my sleep and be mercilessly made fun of by my parents, who claim it’s their right to take advantage of what little time they have with me.

I did however, have a job interview today. My first, in fact, real, live, big, scary job interview. I wore a button down shirt, even!  (And jeans… and converse…so maybe that cancels out). It seems silly that I had all sorts of preparations and anxieties (I made a friend pretend to be my interviewer and badger me right before) in hopes of procuring the position of CAMP COUNSELOR, of all things, at the day camp where I’ve gone since I was six.

The camp is performing arts-based, and takes over part of a local university during the summer. Most of the counselors are star actors from either that college or other Boston area schools. What I mean to say is… no one’s from Bates.

I hope I get the job, obviously… my immediate qualifications branched from two things, mostly, in my time at Bates. One being the already relatively lengthy theater resume I’ve sort of compiled (four or five shows or somewhere around there), the other being Bates Buddies, a student organization where once a week last semester I went to Longley Elementary School in Lewiston where I played with third graders for their recess.

Now that I’m a real, official adult-like college student, I REALLY HOPE that I’m not stuck scooping ice cream… for the third ridiculous summer in a row.


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