Embarking on February Break

I find it interesting and perhaps a little harder to begin writing this blog on the day that campus empties out for February recess. Bates’ breaks are great, especially looking at them on paper– almost every month there’s a little bit of time for students to go home or trek to Montreal or go on an extended Outing Club trip. I do, however, find this break to have come up out of nowhere and surprised me. Before leaving for winter break in December, I was ready to get home, ready to see my friends from high school and my family and take a break from academics. Now, though, I’m already having tearful goodbyes (it’s only a week… I clearly have attachment issues). The people I’m surrounding myself here have become what I consider “my real friends”– those that I want to call when I have an exciting story to tell or when I want to giggle and be a nerd.

I’m headed home in four hours, where I hope to catch up on my sleep. Coming back at the beginning of the term, I think everyone hit the ground running (eagerly, to be certain). I have friends headed all over the place though- Texas with the crew team, Florida (to remind us that there is weather above 30 degrees in some places), Paris, and then of course it seems that every other person that I talk to is headed out west for serious skiing or snowboarding.

I know already that coming back a week from Sunday will be a super jubilant reunion, despite the fact that it’s only a week we’re missing.

I’m reluctant to leave


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