Housing heavensent

What a glorious and releiving feeling it is to KNOW WHERE I AM LIVING NEXT YEAR. And, due to one of Bates’ unique housing options, I got to do it all even before the housing lottery occured.

Next year I’m living in Moulton house, a campus owned house on Frye street that, next year, is an Irish/Celtic Heritage theme house. I’ll be living in a triple two of my friends – and, because each theme house is student organized and student proposed, the house is literally brimming with all my friends. I’m so psyched to be living on Frye street, and knowing that I don’t have to even worry about the housing lottery is such a relief, I’m all set!

The other theme houses for next year, other than the Irish house, are a verse house (of the poetry and lyrical persuasion), a Bates healthy & local living house (or at least that’s my understanding) and a literature house (as my friends, the two coordinators for that house call it “the Library”). Bates certainly has options… and I’ve taken full advantage!

Back to school, Bates style

It’s February. So, of course, being New England weather, we still expect winter type occurances. Most everyone is back on campus now, after the week long break, but due to the impending and continuous blizzard we are experiencing at the moment, the actual “getting here” has been… difficult? creative? certainly something full of fun little complexities not lacking in Bates spirit.

For me, my original plan was that my mother was supposed to drive me up Sunday morning. I’m from Massachusetts, so she’d drive up the two and a half hours and then drive home, no problem. Towards the end of the week, however, my weather-aware (read: obsessed) father cautioned her and scared her to such a degree that she refused to drive me. Well, cool. How to get to school?

There were three friends taking a bus from South Station in Boston directly to Lewiston– but I hate buses. Buses scare me. Especially lumbering up 95 in a downright blizzard? No thank you.

And then there was my friend from New Jersey who was travelling up in her car, picking up two New York girls and a friend from Westport, CT. There was a spot in the car. They would have to pass by Boston on the way up, right? It just makes geographical sense to pick me up! So my ride was worked out. And after pushing and shoving and stressing and texting we FINALLY got ourselves together and made the ride up absolutely wonderful. Being in a cozy car driving back to the place we’d all been missing the past week, among good friends, Dane Cook and Britney Spears CDs, and girl scout cookies seemed to be the perfect way to get back in the Bates spirit. Back to Bates by 6h20, all in a good day’s work.

My first scary job interview

Being at home for five days has done very little for me except allowed me to catch up on my sleep and be mercilessly made fun of by my parents, who claim it’s their right to take advantage of what little time they have with me.

I did however, have a job interview today. My first, in fact, real, live, big, scary job interview. I wore a button down shirt, even!  (And jeans… and converse…so maybe that cancels out). It seems silly that I had all sorts of preparations and anxieties (I made a friend pretend to be my interviewer and badger me right before) in hopes of procuring the position of CAMP COUNSELOR, of all things, at the day camp where I’ve gone since I was six.

The camp is performing arts-based, and takes over part of a local university during the summer. Most of the counselors are star actors from either that college or other Boston area schools. What I mean to say is… no one’s from Bates.

I hope I get the job, obviously… my immediate qualifications branched from two things, mostly, in my time at Bates. One being the already relatively lengthy theater resume I’ve sort of compiled (four or five shows or somewhere around there), the other being Bates Buddies, a student organization where once a week last semester I went to Longley Elementary School in Lewiston where I played with third graders for their recess.

Now that I’m a real, official adult-like college student, I REALLY HOPE that I’m not stuck scooping ice cream… for the third ridiculous summer in a row.

Embarking on February Break

I find it interesting and perhaps a little harder to begin writing this blog on the day that campus empties out for February recess. Bates’ breaks are great, especially looking at them on paper– almost every month there’s a little bit of time for students to go home or trek to Montreal or go on an extended Outing Club trip. I do, however, find this break to have come up out of nowhere and surprised me. Before leaving for winter break in December, I was ready to get home, ready to see my friends from high school and my family and take a break from academics. Now, though, I’m already having tearful goodbyes (it’s only a week… I clearly have attachment issues). The people I’m surrounding myself here have become what I consider “my real friends”– those that I want to call when I have an exciting story to tell or when I want to giggle and be a nerd.

I’m headed home in four hours, where I hope to catch up on my sleep. Coming back at the beginning of the term, I think everyone hit the ground running (eagerly, to be certain). I have friends headed all over the place though- Texas with the crew team, Florida (to remind us that there is weather above 30 degrees in some places), Paris, and then of course it seems that every other person that I talk to is headed out west for serious skiing or snowboarding.

I know already that coming back a week from Sunday will be a super jubilant reunion, despite the fact that it’s only a week we’re missing.

I’m reluctant to leave